Telling a Story With Metrics: How Do You Explain Metrics to Stakeholders?

By now, you may already know: data is integral to understanding the success of a media campaign. However, what may come as a challenge is how to tell stakeholders the story behind the data. What might be clear to you is not always easily understood by those who are not involved in the day-to-day communications activities of your campaign. Communications professionals have to be prepared to analyze and interpret the numbers they are reporting on

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Meet Environics Analytics

Big data is often touted by agencies across industries,  but what does all that data really apply to? Big data is more than just a buzzword, and it turns out that data and analytics have applications within a variety of markets.

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How Can You Report on Metrics Without Expensive Software?

Metrics are a critical part of measuring the impact of communications campaigns, and there are plenty of tools to analyze that data. Nonetheless, you don’t need expensive metrics tools to measure the performance of your social content. Most platforms come equipped with native analytics tools that can help you make the most strategic decisions for your clients or business.

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Public Relations: Even Presidents Need It

Every press conference, every sound bite, or photo has a purpose - and the potential to shape public opinion. This marriage between policy and public relations reminds me that even The White House has to consider its communications strategies when rolling out new orders, policies, and updates. 

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How to Keep Winning in 2017

While 2016 was difficult for many, 2016, for our DC team here, was a banner year for the Washington, D.C. office of Environics Communications. Throughout the past 12 months, we’ve achieved numerous wins as we continue to guide our clients toward reaching their communications and business goals. Our wins include both traditional and digital media, and span a variety of industries, from women’s health to international development to actuarial science, and nearly everything in between.

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Logo Love: How to Nail Your Visual Identity

Logos are one of the most critical aspects of brand development. They are how you are known in the world, and serve as an immediate visual cue to prime audiences for your brand. When designing a logo, it’s important to start by thinking about what you want to convey. Take some time to really get to know your brand and figure out what feelings you are trying to elicit from potential customers. What do you want people to think or feel? 

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Environics Supports Local Nonprofit’s Giving Tuesday Campaign

At Environics, we’re committed to giving back to our community. We are proud to live and work in the vibrant DMV area, and honored to support the organizations committed to improving the lives of its residents. One such organization is Inner City-Inner Child (ICIC), a DC-area nonprofit that provides disadvantaged children with early arts-integrated learning experiences . . .

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On #GivingTuesday, We're #GivingBack

At Environics, we believe in the power of giving back. That's why, in honor of #GivingTuesday, we're donating $20,000 of pro-bono communications and marketing work to two worthy Washington, D.C.-area non-profits. We're seeking organizations that have a measurable impact in the community and that would benefit most from a donation of communications work. 

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