Public Relations


Public Relations in a Digital World


A positive reputation takes years to grow and can be destroyed in hours by a mishandled issue. Add the speed and reach of social media to the mix, and a brushfire can becomes an inferno. Environics works with clients of all types to anticipate, plan, manage and recover from crises of all types.

Our track record includes helping organizations through product recalls, workplace injuries and violence, labor unrest, litigation, systems failures, fraud, hostile takeovers, and more. These eyes have seen it all.

competitive advantage

Handling the unexpected, with grace.

With a combination of highly experienced staff, in-house processes and advanced digital monitoring and assessment tools, Environics is equipped to guide clients through both the expected, and unexpected.

Services Offered


Media Training (print/ camera/ video)

media relations + placement

media monitoring

crisis communications

trade show + event support




Learn how a non-profit membership organization for nurses used traditional media to promote the health of newborns, gain 135 media placements, and generate coverage from national top-tier outlets.


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